Isn’t this Ayah is enough to differetiate between Haqq and Batil, Truth and falsehood, Truthful and Liars?
Let’s do the critical reasoning:
Allah didn’t say, “Believers are those” rather He says “Believers are ONLY those”.
What do you understand by this? If you mention some group of people as ONLY successful, ONLY truthful, ONLY passed what does this mean about the others? ‘Others are not successful’, ‘others are not truthful’ and ‘others are not passed’, isn’t it.
Let’s see who are those “ONLY” believers.
1. Those who have no doubt
2. Those who strive/struggle/fight for Allah
3. With their WEALTH and their LIVES
and then FINALLY Allah also says they are the TRUTHFUL.
(Meanwhile do the critical resoning of this last part of the Ayah, “They are the TRUTHFUL”
What does it mean? Simply it mean ‘Others are not truthful’ and if someone is not truthful, what is he? LIAR! Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.)
Now, let’s get back to the main body of the Ayah.
We have a CLEAR statement from ALlah Ajja Wa Zallah who are the “ONLY believers” and who are TRUTHFUL. (The opposite of which is who are the LIARS)
and then next HE mentioned 3 criteria for them.
What does it mean? Others who do not fall in the criteria, are they are not believers?  If you take the meaning literally it would mean actually that the others are not believers. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.

But in other place of the Quran Allah says that “there are reward for those who do Jihad and who do not do Jihad but the ones who do Jihad has high rank with Allah” Because we have this Ayah therefore we just cannot take the literal meaning of this Ayah that ‘whoever does not fall in the category they are not believers’. What we at least understand from this saying of ‘ONLY’ is that how much Allah emphasize Jihad and regard those as only believers and mention that they are the TUTHFUL. But had there

And Allah knows best. I just had to come up with this to remain in safe side. But it shivers me.


Do not those Ulema even feel a least tremble in their heart when they almost in a situation today to say “Jihad is Haram”. They don’t say it by their motuh yet but only saying “Jihad is of Nafs”, “Jihad is only of protective” is denying Jihad by WEALTH and LIVES. May Allah guide those Ulema. Ameen. May Allah guide those Muslims who blindly follow these ‘Ulema that calling them from the GATE of Jahannam’ Ameen.

إِنَّمَا الْمُؤْمِنُونَ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا بِاللَّهِ وَرَسُولِهِ ثُمَّ لَمْ يَرْتَابُوا وَجَاهَدُوا بِأَمْوَالِهِمْ وَأَنفُسِهِمْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ ۚ أُولَٰئِكَ هُمُ الصَّادِقُونَ

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The believers are only the ones who have believed in Allah and His Messenger and then doubt not but strive with their properties and their lives in the cause of Allah . It is those who are the truthful.


তারাই মুমিন, যারা আল্লাহ ও তাঁর রসূলের প্রতি ঈমান আনার পর সন্দেহ পোষণ করে না এবং আল্লাহর পথে প্রাণ ও ধন-সম্পদ দ্বারা জেহাদ করে। তারাই সত্যনিষ্ঠ।