If you have 15 minutes to concentrate, then read it and you will only read it if Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala set your Qadr to read it.
(DISCLAIMER: The text in the brackets are not from Hadith text) (This Hadeeth was not taken from its original source but from the book ‘The end of the world Major and Minor signs of the Hour’ by Dr. Muhammad Al Areefi. Page No. 92. Can be downloaded from this link. (www.kalamullah.com/).
The readers are advised to read from the original source and I ask Allah to forgive me for any shortcomings.)
Narrated by Ibne Hibban in his Saheeh, classed as Hasan by Al-Huwayni in ‘Al Fataawa Al Hadeethiyyah’, It’s isnaad includes ‘Abd-Allah Ibn Sa’eed, who was regarded as Thiqah by some scholars and his Hadeeth is Mustaqeem (sound)


Rasulullah Sallillahu Alaihi Wa Sallam CONDEMNS IGNORANCE and said ” Allah HATES

  • The one who is RUDE
  • The one SHOUTS at the marketplace (meaning publicly)
  • The one who SLEEPS at night like a DEAD BODY and work during day like a DONKEY (meaning could be restlessly, desperately spending whole day only for earning MONEY, (and they will tell you 100s of reasons to do that) then what about the one who works their days at workplace and brings the stuff at home to spend sleepless nights too to work to confirm their promotion, to prove they possess more intellect than others and what not)
  • The one who is KNOWLEDGEABLE in WORLDLY matters but IGNORANT about the KNOWLEDGE of DEEN


My Comments:

Examples are easy-find in everywhere, you can see people are doctors, engineers, professors, chartered accountants, researchers, to name few high educated professionals, successful in business or administration or any other things but when it comes to the matters of deen they behave like they are illiterate.

They think that deen is what they learned from the “MOLLAH’s in their childhood, then attend lectures, watch YouTube videos and that’s enough to get knowledge of deen and so they are ready for Jannah. And then they ask for a fatwa for every single thing that is so ridiculous as if an English professor want’s to know about English grammar.

Among them are those who think that the more or deep you know you will have to kill others because that’s what ‘fundamentalists’ and ‘extremists’ do.

Among them are those who think it is so confusing and too many groups that the more you know you will get more confused, so better remain illiterate and ignorant and Allah is forgiving! Just read ‘Fadayele Amal,’ That’s it!

Among them are those who pray at the Masjid behind the Imam, even they pray Fajr too behind the Imam but does not understand what Imam is reciting, they have no idea of this alien language, they just think ‘I am Muslim, I pray even Fajr’

Among them are those who read Quran but never think of knowing the meaning, so they think they read Quran. Few of them read Quran with meaning sometimes so they think they know Quran. Few of them read Quran and tafsir too and they think they know Quran.

They don’t THINK what are the ‘DO’s’ of the Quran, they don’t THINK what are the ‘DONT’s’ of the Quran, they don’t CONTEMPLATE on Quran, they don’t relate Quran in their life. This is a scenario about Quran.

If that’s the scenario about Quran, then what about the Hadiths? “Well, it’s for the scholars. It’s huge science, You can’t understand it. Our scholars already set rules for us, so we don’t need to learn those, just follow the scholars!”

So few of them still read Hadith but they don’t CONTEMPLATE, they keep on reading but they don’t realise what they are reading because their mind is already pre-set of what they will do. Their BRAINS just cease to function because they already leased their MINDS to their scholars.

All these people know about shaitan and they know how shaitan works too, but their attitude is like that of atheists, those who want to see Allah in order to believe in him. So these ‘born Muslims’ also want to see shaitan in front them so that they will know this is the work of shaitan in their actions and in their minds. They want to see shaitan appears to them physically so they will know that all these philosophies and ideas in their minds are from the shaitan. They want shaitan to knock in their head and say “Hey, this is me, shaitan, my job is to confirm the hellfire for you” Only then they will understand that anything, or any ideas that keep them out of gaining ‘KNOWLEDGE of ALLAH’ is from shaitan.

Anything or everything that keeps you away from CONTEMPLATING on EACE AYAH of the Quran and Sahih Hadith, then know that shaitan is working on you. So, know POWER of shaitan and know also YOUR POWER to overpower shaitan. And Allah knows best.

O my Muslim brothers and sisters, whoever of you reading this hadith, I hope you are not of those people who Allah HATES. I pray to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala to save me, my family and my all Muslim brothers and sisters from Allah’s anger and hatred. (With tears in my eyes). I love you all. May Allah protect us from shaitan and make us understand HIS DEEN. Ameen. May Allah protect us being hatred by Allah and save us from HIS punishment. Ameen.

And on the Contrary read this Hadith:

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 1, Book 3, Book of Knowledge, Number 71:, 3116, 7312

Narrated Muawiya: I heard Rasulullah Sallillahu Alaihe Wa Sallam saying:

“If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him comprehend (deep understanding) the religion.”