Dear Subscribers,

Peace be upon those who follow the right guidance.
You might have noticed the aim of this site is to develop a concise structure/map towards our path to Jannah. What I mean by the map is a picture that we can carry in our mind at any point of time in order for us to REMAIN focus on the journey.

But this is not understandable by looking at a post or a bundle of posts. You have to look at the category which is structured in a way that looks like a traditional ‘content’ of a book.

  • This is where huge changes are coming. We are working to make a summary in the space of one page which is now scattered in more than 800 categories. Once it is done you can expand and collapse the categories to move to the depth of one subject.
  • And sometimes I give importance to building the structure/map (actually category) rather than emphasizing on an individual post. Therefore, you might receive many posts at a time or in one day which actually are not ready to read yet but I have to do it to make the structure/map (category list).

When you open email notification, please read the email BEFORE you CLICK the POST LINK. You will see that these types of posts which are not ready for reading yet, mentions that “This post is password protected.” Means you won’t be able to read those posts.

I thought to notify this in order to save you from annoyance. I hope insha’Allah you will continue read this and get benefit from it In Shaa Allah. I ask Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to make it easy for us and make our path to Jannah easy. Ameen.