Ayat 1-4: Oaths

Ayat 5-14: Warning to the Kuffars.

Ayat 15-19: Glad tidings to the Believers and CHARACTERS of the MUTTAQEEEN (Those who FEAR ALlah and OBEY)

Ayat 20-23: Arguments and SIGNS of Allah for the THOUGHTFUL

Ayat 24-37. Ibrahim alaihi wa sallam and punishment to Qaum of Lut and Allah’s SIGN

Ayat 38-40: Musa alaihi wa sallam and Firaun

Ayat 41-46: Punishment to previous nations, Thamud and the Qawm of NUH alaihi wa sallam and SIGNs of Allah

Ayat 47-49: SIGNS for the THOUGHTFUL

Ayat 50-51: WARNING and COMMAND to RUN to Allah

Ayat 52-53: Reaction of Previous Nations

Ayat 54:56: Command to REMIND and WARN

Ayat 57-60: ARGUMETNS, WARNING to the Kuffars