O Muslims, why you take Kuffars as your teacher? Know your perfect relation with Allah, your Rabb.

Correct your Kuffar’s mindset that “God is Love”, it is the Kuffar’s distorted philosophy about ‘God’, which you are indoctrinated with, that “GOD IS LOVE”

Why don’t you read your Quran, that you believe your Rabb sent it to you? See what Allah, your teacher taught you. FEAR ALLAH, FEAR ALLAH, FEAR ALLAH hundreds of times! because He said, He is SEVERE in PUNISHMENT (Quran 2:165) and

Allah said, He DOESN’T LOVE: 

Not only Allah says He doesn’t love those but Allah also says WHO and WHAT Allah HATES:

So where you get your idea about Allah, saying “God is Love”? The only answer is when you take your lesson from the kuffars, who do not have proper knowledge of Allah and who have distorted ideas about their ‘God’

Then Allah said to keep HOPE in Him, And Allah said, “Pray to Him with FEAR and HOPE” (Quran 7:56)

And then He, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, of course, said WHO ALLAH LOVES:

  • Those who OBEY MUHAMMAD Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa sallam! (Quran 3:31)
  • Those who FEAR Him (Quran 3:76)
  • Those who constantly repent to Allah (Quran 2:222)
  • Those who PURIFIES themselves (Quran 2:222)


May Allah guide you to know your deen and become Muslims. Ameen.