Shaykh Abdul Qader Shaybat al-Hamd:

-almost 1 century old
-one of the last living students of Muhammad Ibrahim alAshaykh (mufti before Ibn Baz)
-was a teacher in the haram
-teacher of Sh. Musa Jibril (the father) who recorded over 1000 cassette tapes during his study with him.

‎He was asked about Rabee Madkhali’s statement: “one can compromise on the principles of Islam like Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa sallam did in Hudaybiyyah”

‎Shaykh Shaybat al-Hamd حفظه الله said:
‎-he’s a liar, don’t let him mess you up
-he’s a fasiq astray from the deen don’t listen to him.
‎-he’s not worthy of a response
-he needs to be presented to a ruler to rule on him, that’s from the nature of ilhad (atheism)
he’s a liar, one fears he may fall into apostasy