When you have an enemy, what you have to do in order for you to survive from his enmity?

You have to be mindful about the enemy and his enmity in the first place, and you have to take him as your enemy, right?

Allah said, Kuffar is your CLEAR enemy (4:101). Then ask yourself O Muslim, do you have any doubt about Allah’s statement and warning? And then what are you doing?

For sure, time is as such that there are scholars of Kuffar’s mindset who born, bred, nourished, raised and educated in kuffar’s environment, those who would say, there are good kuffars who you can engage with for social causes and they would just bring evidence from hadith and seera and copy paste an event without considering it in totality.

They would say, it is those kuffars who are fighting Islam directly, the kuffars, those who are doing everything to extinguish the light of Islam, the kuffars, those (the hidden criminals) who engage in shaping the minds of entire globe of people against Islam, the kuffars those who restrict Muslims to practice Islam, are those kuffars that these Ayat are applicable to.

But know that Allah is all knowledgeable. He warned you against your enemy. And there are numerous evidences in Quran and Hadiths which suggest  that a Muslim has only one relation with kuffars and that is enmity and hatred.

How that make sense? What about those good kuffars who has no enmity against Islam? Who like Islam, who like Muslims and who like the system of Islam?

Well, first thing is, if you are a Muslim who knows that you have only ONE way to Jannah (Sirat al-Mustaqeem) and any other ways lead only to Jahannam,  if you know any deviation from Allah’s path left open only the other path, the path of shaitan, and that leads no where other than Jahannam, then discard yourself from other things, just sit and examine all these statements from Allah, the Most High and His Rasul (May Allah exalt his mmention) and simply use your brain, Allah might guide you, if He wills. And I ask Him so.

And then I might In Shaa Allah, help you to understand the harms of good kuffars, harms that leads you and your generations to one destination, Jahannam.

Let me open your eyes to the actions and environment that good kuffars has set for you and your children.

Is Zina a great sin? What constitute Zina? Who set the environment of Zina?

Is Riba a great sin? What constitutes Riba? Who set the system of Riba that you have no scope to escape from but bound to breath in?

Is waste of time is a great sin which takes Muslims to Jahannam? Who set the environment of endless entertainment and sport?

Is shirk the greatest calamity of all? Isn’t men making laws against Allah’s law a shirk? Who set the environment of that shirk?

In Shaa Allah will discuss more about those issues in detail.

To be continued…….