SubhanAllah! Has this UNJUST world, the most unjust and the most ungrateful human being (kuffar, those who love, nourish falsehood and filth), ever heard of this JUSTICE of Islam, how Islam protects the right of its kuffar’s citizen?

Point to ponder here:

The Kuffars want Muslim to be moderate because they fear those Muslim who strictly follows Allah’s Law. But look at here, a Moderate Muslim is the one who would not follow Allah strictly because he does not fear Allah as the way Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala should be feared. Therefore, the warning in this Hadith would not make much impact on him. When he would live under Khilafah and would have power, he would not bother taunting or oppressing a kafir but imagine an Allah fearing (‘fundamentalist’, ‘extremist’) Muslim, he will keep a 1000 meters of distance from a kafir lest he engages with him in a situation that he might become oppressive to such a kafir.


Rasulullah sallillahi alaihi wa sallam said,

‘Whoever makes a snide comment to a dhimmi has earned Hell.’

[Ibn Hibbaan in his Saheeh]

Snide: Derogatory, insulting, contemptuous, mocking, taunting, scornful, sarcastic,

spiteful, nasty, mean, inferior etc.

Dhimmi: Kuffars living under the Khilafah, The Islamic State, under the rule of Islam, Islamic Shariah