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2:102 Allah does NOT GUIDE those who follow KUFFARS' WAY of LIFE, 2:120 Allah's guidance is the ONLY GUIDANCE, 2:120. Following KUFFAR'S DEEN (Kuffar's WAY of LIFE, DEALING with KUFFARS and their SYSTEMS, Kuffar's MINDSET, Kuffar's Philosophies), KUFFARS won't SATISFY with you UNTIL you follow KUFFAR'S WAY of LIFE, Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Ulema those are CALLING from the GATE of Jahannam (Hell), Upon whom is WRATH of Allah?, What happens when you follow the WAYS of KUFFAR'S?

2:120 Al-Baqara. O Muslims, O Muslim Scholars. Do you know when kuffars ENDORSE you, LIKE you? Only when you follow KUFFAR’S DEEN (Kuffar’s WAY of LIFE, Kuffar’s PHILOSOPHY)

(00) FOREMOST: REJECTING kuffar's WAYS, Philosophies and BUILDING Muslim-MINDSET, 64:11. CORRECT you Kuffar's 'WORDS of Mouth' saying "NATURAL DISASTER", say, "Allah's PUNISHMENT", Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Muslims in KUFFAR"S Mind-set, Why ONLY following the TAFSIRS written untill 50 years back might NOT be ENOUGH to save you from JAHANNAM

64:11 At-Taghabun. O Muslims in KUFFAR’S mindset, SHIRK is in your ‘words of mouth’, there’s no ‘NATURAL DISASTER’ as you call it as kuffar’s do.

(00) FOREMOST 2: MINDFULNESS (Be FOCUSED) is the KEY no. 2 (traditionally knows as TAQWA/CONSCIOUSNESS), 00. FOREMOST: Understanding the LOOPHOLES (the drainage), 98:7 A Muslim is the BEST of all CREATURES, A Muslim shows STRONG adherence and LOVE to the TRUTH and strong REJECTION and HATRED to the FALSEHOOD, A Muslim's BLOOD is more SACRED to Allah than Baitullah (Ka'aba, the house of Allah), Do Muslim pray the SALAH of Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa sallam?, DUA: Seeking GUIDANCE in each PETTY ISSUE, Even Rasulullah would've been MISGUIDED without Allah's MERCY, GIBOT (ILL SPEECH open/Behind - The cause of BANKRUPTCY), How to become BELOVED by Allah?, How to get BLESSINGS (صَلَوَاتٌ) from Allah, If Allah WANTS good He will give you knowledge to UNDERSTAND the Deen, Islam is a STRANGE thing: a GOOD DEED never in any standard be treated as BAD but in Islam it could be, Islam is a STRANGE thing: A MANUAL is never meant to be MISGUIDANCE but in Islam it might, KNOW what brings SHAME and REGRET being a Muslim, MINOR SIGNS of the end of the time, Much Negative ASSUMPTION, Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Rasulullah recited 60 Ayat in the FIRST Rakah and 30 Ayah in the second, Rasulullah used to PAUSE after EACH Ayah, not combined, Rasulullah used to PAUSE after reciting Fatiha (before starting Sura), Rasulullah used to PAUSE before going to RUKU'A, Rasulullah used to PAUSE in Ayat of Jannah and Jahannam and made DUA, Rasulullah used to SHORTER the SECOND Rakah than the first, RECOMMENDATION: Be PATIENT when Allah TESTS with HARDSHIP, RECOMMENDATION: Believe, Hijra (Migration to the LAND of Islam) and FIGHTING (Jihad), RECOMMENDATION: Have PATIENCE when DISASTER strikes (Allah's TEST), REGRET on Qiyamah for NOT REMEMBERING Allah while SITTING, LIEING, Remember Allah Most, REWARD: Allah maintain relation who maintains blood relationship, RULE (System) of ACCOUNTING of DEEDS (Good or Bad), Sign No. 1, START EVERYTHING with the NAME of Allah (Bismillah), That there are ENEMIES (KUFFAR) who set an ENVIRONMENT of KUFR, SHIRK and CORRUPTION to MANUPULATE your HEARTS and MINDS, That there's 2 WRITERS writing your Actions, words, thoughts and your feelings, That there's a SATELLITE watching and listening your ACTIONS, WORDS, THOUGHTS and FEELINGS, That there's an UNSEEN ENEMY who is WATCHING you and knows what you THINK, FEEL and it has POWER to MANUPULATE with your WORDS, THOUGHTS and FEELINGS, The SCALE (The Final Balance Sheet - Left Side), The SCALE (The Final Balance Sheet - RIGHT side), The SHIELD of Muslims was LOST only after 30 yrs, The SINS that keeps ADDING even AFTER DEATH, The time of WORST FITNAH, The UNPAID DEBT that has to compensate on QIYAMAH, The WEALTH acquired UNJUSTLY has to REPAY on QIYAMAH, UNFORTUNATE is he who Allah BLESSED with by putting in a MUSLIM FAMILY but he ended up in JAHANNAM (Aujubillah) with those unfortunate ones!, WARNING: DEPRIVE of Allah's Rahma for CUTTING TIES with family & relatives, WARNING: If YOU'RE NOT merciful to MANKIND Allah WON'T have mercy on YOU, What a SHAME it is that the DESTINY of a MUSLIM and an ATHIEST is same! JAHANNAM! (Aujubillah), What a SHAME it is to be in JAHANNAM (Aujubillah) with those who doesn't believe Muhammad (sallillahu alaihi wa sallam) as RASULULLAH!, What a SHAME it is to be in the SAME PLACE, JAHANNAM (Aujubillah) with the KUFFAR!

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Al Mu'min (The Believers), Al Mu'min (these believers) are Al Sadiqun (turthful), ARTICLE: Describing LIES about JIHAD, Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Ulema those are CALLING from the GATE of Jahannam (Hell), RECOGNITION: Mujahidun are the ONLY Believers, Those who Believe in Allah and Rasulullah, Those who fight JIHAD by their WEALTH and LIVES, Those who have NO DOUBT, Who are the ONLY Mu'min (Believers)?

49:15 Al-Hujurat. Know WHO are Al MU’MINUN (The Believers). ONLY those who do JIHAD with their WEALTH and LIVES and they are the TRUTHFUL