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03.04. Compromising or INCLINING with ZALIMUN, 20. What are the DEEDS that causes a Muslim to enter JAHANNAM?/Which MUSLIMS go to FIRE?, 75. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - GOVERNANCE, Legal and JUDICIAL aspects, Attachment with Zalimun, My Understanding & Critical Reasoning, On attachment with Kafir, Mushrik, Zalim, PROHIBITION: Do NOT INCLINED (keep attachment) with ZALIMUN

11:113 Hud. ATTACHMENT (Intimate, Incline, leaning, compromise) with ZALIMUN will cause you to enter in FIRE

Allah DOES NOT GUIDE the Zalimun, Allah's STATEMENTS (about KUFFAR), Allah's STATEMENTS (about ZALIMUN), Allah, the All Knowledgeable (Q & A about Allah), Jews and Christians are ALLIES of one another, One who takes Jews and Christian as ally, friend and protector, PROHIBITION: Do NOT TAKE Jews and Christians as FRIEND or PROTECTOR or as allies, Who is Zaleem (Oppressor, Wrongdoer, Loser), ~ WARNING: Who Allah DOES NOT GUIDE?

5:51 Al-Mā’idah. Whoever takes Jews and Christians as FRIENDS or PROTECTOR or as ALLIES, He is a ZALEEM (Oppressor, Wrongdoer, Loser)