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(00) FOREMOST 5: Traditional MISCONCEPTION/ MisGuidance/ Missing Out/, 03.11. What causes a Muslim to enter Jahannam for ETERNITY?, DISOBEYING Commands/Prohibitions/Limits set by Allah and RASULULLAH, Rasulullah's ORDERS are taken as SUNNAH when DISOBEYING him will cause FIRE for ETERNITY, WARNING: Disobeying Limits set by Allah and Rasulullah is in fire for eternity.

4:14 An-Nisa’. O Muslims, how come you take the ORDER of Rasulullah as SUNNAH when DISOBEYING his order means FIRE for ETERNITY?

Follow Rasulullah as a BEST EXAMPLE, He is a BEST EXAMPLE to FOLLOW, Make ZIKR (remember) of Allah a LOT, Muhammad Rasulullah-May Allah exalt his mention, on "What scares me", WARNING: Do you HOPE Allah's MERCY & FORGIVENESS? Make ZIKR of Allah ABOUNDANTLY, WARNING: Wish to HOPE in Allah's MERCY and FORGIVENESS? Follow Rasulullah as a BEST EXAMPLE, What to do to KEEP HOPE in Allah?

33:21 Al-Ahzab. If you WISH to keep HOPES in Allah then (1) FOLLOW Rasulullah as a BEST EXAMPLE (2) Make ZIKR (remember) of Allah a LOT