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"বেশীরভাগ মানুষ কি ভুল করতে পারে?", (00) FOREMOST: REJECTING kuffar's WAYS, Philosophies and BUILDING Muslim-MINDSET, CORRECT your KUFFAR'S mindset. "What MOST people do is right", Allah says Most people are KUFFAR, JAHIL, ZALEEM, FASIQ, Ungrateful, Un-Categorised (Undecided)

O Muslims, CORRECT your KUFFAR’S mindset and leave FALSEHOOD. It is the “MOST people” that are Kuffar, Jaheel (Ignorant), Ungrateful, Zalimun (Unjust), Fasiqun (Disobedient) and in Falsehood

= PROHIBITION: Democracy is OTHER ILAHA, Allah, The most severe in PUNISHMENT (WARNING to the Muslims), LAW belongs ONLY to Allah, My Understanding & Critical Reasoning, OBEYING Kafir will make you KAFIR, On Bangla Translation, On Establishing System of Allah, Who are gone ASTRAY, Why ONLY following the TAFSIRS written untill 50 years back might NOT be ENOUGH to save you from JAHANNAM, ~ What are OTHER ILAHA?

4:60 An-Nisa. O Muslim, What Islam are you doing when Allah does NOT RECOGNIZE you as MUSLIM?

02.03. How to GET MERCY of Allah (By what actions?), 2:218 Make HIJRAH to land of Islam and fight JIHAD to earn Allah's MERCY, HIJRA (MIGRATION) to the LAND of Islam, RECOMMENDATION: Believe, Hijra (Migration to the LAND of Islam) and FIGHTING (Jihad), REWARD: Fighting (Jihad) will earn the MERCY from Allah, the Most Merciful, REWARD: Hijrah (migration) to the land of Islam will earn MERCY from Allah.

2:218 Do you EXPECT MERCY from Allah? (1) Make HIJRAH to the LAND of Islam (2) Fight (JIHAD)

COMMAND: Follow Allah's HUKM/LAW/Command STRICTLY and NONE can HARM you, Hadith/ ANALYSIS: NONE can HARM you ONLY WHEN you follow Allah's command (DEEN) STRICTLY, Hadith: Connect with Allah by following Allah's command (DEEN) STRICTLY, Hadith: NONE can HARM you ONLY WHEN you follow Allah's command (DEEN) STRICTLY, Hadith: NOTHING can HARM you ONLY WHEN you follow Allah's command (DEEN) STRICTLY, On Following Ulema Blindly, ~ Is Allah NOT your RABB, O Muslim (Or MUSHRIK)!?

O Muslim, get your LIFE INSURANCE. NONE can HARM you ONLY WHEN you follow Allah’s command (DEEN) STRICTLY

"বেশীরভাগ মানুষ কি ভুল করতে পারে?", 40. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - EDUCATION, Islamic PHILOSOPHY about MAJORITY of the people, MOST of the people are ASTRAY, Most of the people are WORST THAN CATTLE, WARNING: Human but WORST than CATTLE, WARNING: NOT HEARing and THINKing would make you WORST than CATTLE, What Allah said about MOST of the PEOPLE?

25:44 Al-Furqān. Those who do NOT LISTEN and use INTELLECT are WORST than CATTLE