Category: 91. The CERTAIN Knowledge & PHILOSOPHY (HUMAN BEING)

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"বেশীরভাগ মানুষ কি ভুল করতে পারে?", 40. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - EDUCATION, Islamic PHILOSOPHY about MAJORITY of the people, MOST of the people are ASTRAY, Most of the people are WORST THAN CATTLE, WARNING: Human but WORST than CATTLE, WARNING: NOT HEARing and THINKing would make you WORST than CATTLE, What Allah said about MOST of the PEOPLE?

25:44 Al-Furqān. Those who do NOT LISTEN and use INTELLECT are WORST than CATTLE

Al Mu'min (The Believers), Al Mu'min (these believers) are Al Sadiqun (turthful), ARTICLE: Describing LIES about JIHAD, Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Ulema those are CALLING from the GATE of Jahannam (Hell), RECOGNITION: Mujahidun are the ONLY Believers, Those who Believe in Allah and Rasulullah, Those who fight JIHAD by their WEALTH and LIVES, Those who have NO DOUBT, Who are the ONLY Mu'min (Believers)?

49:15 Al-Hujurat. Know WHO are Al MU’MINUN (The Believers). ONLY those who do JIHAD with their WEALTH and LIVES and they are the TRUTHFUL

8:21-22. Critical Reasoning: HEARING means ACTING on it, that's the BASIC of being a MUSLIM, ARTICLE: There are those Human who are WORST of living CREATURES, COMMAND: OBEY Allah and Rasulullah, CRITICAL REASONING: 8:20-22. Know what makes a Muslim WORST than INSECT, KNOW what brings SHAME and REGRET being a Muslim, Not using SENSES, PROHIBITION: Do NOT TURN away after you HEAR the command

8:20-22 When you are WARNED/Reminded but you Say “I know but CAN’T help it” means, you still DISOBEY Allah and Rasulullah’s order and that’s what make you the WORST than INSECTS