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(00) FOREMOST 41: Understanding the TIME you live in, 6:1 Allah CREATED DARKNESS, 6:1. CORRECT your KUFR MINDSET. DARKNESS is not "the absence of light" (which is a KUFR philosophy), Darkness is MADE by Allah, Allah made DARKENSS, it is not the absence of light, Muslims in KUFFAR'S MINDSET (Kuffar's Philosophy) (ForDEL), Saying and believing "Darkness is nothing but the absence of light" is KUFR, SECULARISM is Kufr (Giving CREDIT elsewhere what Allah deserves), That there are ENEMIES (KUFFAR) who set an ENVIRONMENT of KUFR, SHIRK and CORRUPTION to MANUPULATE your HEARTS and MINDS, Why ONLY following the TAFSIRS written untill 50 years back might NOT be ENOUGH to save you from JAHANNAM, ~ What are OTHER ILAHA?

6:1 Al-An’am. O Muslims, CORRECT your KUFR MINDSET. DARKNESS is MADE by Allah, it is not “the absence of light” (which is a KUFR philosophy)

03.10. What are the DEEDS of a Muslim which regarded as KUFR?, = PROHIBITION: Giving CREDIT elsewhere which deserve by Allah is KUFR, Allah CAUSES rain, Allah gives RAIN, NATURE CAUSED by Allah, On calling "Nature" or "Natural Disaster"?, Saying the RAIN happens for this and that...., SECULARISM is Kufr (Giving CREDIT elsewhere what Allah deserves), Who cause (command) the Nature?, ~ What are OTHER ILAHA?

15:22 Al-Hijr. Allah CAUSES rain (not the NATURE! O Muslims, SHIRK is in your MIND-SET and KUFR is in your ‘Words of Mouth’)

Allah is blessed, Allah's ARGUMENTS (to the Kafirs), Allah, The Sovereign (About AUTHORITY), Ar-Rabb - The Creator, The Nourisher, The Sustainer, COMMAND belong to Allah, CREATION belong to Allah, Day & Night CAUSED by Allah, Isn't the Creation and Command belong to Allah?, On The translation of 'Rabb', Universe created in six days (periods), Universe is created in SIX PERIODS, Where is Allah?, Who cause (command) the Nature?, Who created/made the NATURE?, Who is your Rabb?

7:54 Allah is the RABB of the universe