AsSalamu Alaikum,

To whom it may concern

This is my effort to emphasis EACH WORD of an ayah and my understanding on that ayah. It is not a scholarly opinion on Quran but only a reader’s understanding of Quran. I took Quran personally and look at an ayah to find the following:

  1. Is it a COMMAND for me to act on?
  2. Is it a COMMAND (Prohibition) for me to stay away from?
  3. Is it what Allah likes and Allah Loves?
  4. Is it what Allah dislikes or HATES?
  5. Is it a character of the people of Jannah that I have to achieve?
  6. Is it a character of the people of Jahannam that I have to stay away from?
  7. Is it a statement of Allah which gives a CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE?

But my limitations is that I ONLY depend on the English TRANSLATIONS, which is, in my understanding nowhere near to the original meaning but best possible way to get closer to an understanding of Allah’s word for me while I am still trying to learn the Arabic language.

Meanwhile, I try to look at the Arabic word how it was translated in different ayah all over the Quran. Credit goes to Quran.com. Al Hamdulillah, they did tremendous Job, you can have a look what I mean by ‘how a particular word is translated in a different context all over the Quran’

Then very rarely though I look at the Lanes Lexicon

Then sometimes I look at Tafsir Ibne Katheer and Tafsir by Sayid Qutb and Tafsir Ibne Abbas.

Very important:

If it does happen that any learned brother or sister do not agree with my understanding or I did a mistake or went wrong in anything, please teach me and correct me. But your obligation is to produce relevant evidence. Furthermore, if it does happen that you find I am too far away from what really is understood by our Ulama then please do not insult me in your writings as it might bring arrogance in me and take me far away from accepting the truth rather write me with respect so that I may find it easy to correct myself. I did not keep comment open to my reader as I do not want to spend time on a reader’s knocking on me on the run. Rather, I expect that a sincere reader would take time to write me for anything of his/her concern and if you do, please email me to “Abu.Aabdullah.Ahsan@gmail.com”

JazakAllahu Khair.

By the way, just not to beat around the bush, I need to clear something straightforward that I don’t belong to any group or sect, I call myself Muslim. “I am simply a Muslim”