Marriage and Family Relationships in Islam

How do people perceive a family in terms of Islam? What do you know about the nuances, including the private and hidden sides of life? What are the unobvious and obscure moments of starting a Muslim family? Let’s find out the subtle aspects of the traditional lifestyle of a family in Islamic countries.

The Very Beginning of the Relationship   

A guy or a man cannot just approach a Muslim lady to make acquaintance with her, it is just forbidden. Besides, a young Muslim girl cannot leave home without elder women or male relatives, this is indecent. Unmarried girls are excited about meeting their husbands who are to become the most important people in their lives. They will do their best to make their spouses’ dreams and wishes come true.  They will aim at pleasing their husbands in all the possible ways since their happiness will be the main happiness and joy for them. They will give birth to the kids and will devote themselves to raising them, and girls will remain loyal until the end of their days. This is how juvenile Muslim girls are brought up. A guy should start dating a girl only if he has serious intentions and wants to start a family with her. Not to succumb to the temptations, a man shouldn’t stay alone with a lady if she is not the blood relation as well as talk and lay hands on Best Single gemini women from Ukraine for dating.

The Choice of a Partner

In conformity with the Qur’an, a guy can and should get married not only when he has decided that it is high time to settle down, but also if he has physiological needs to interact with a girl. He should neither seek casual relationships (it is malice) nor restrain his desires, so the best thing for a man is to get married.

In addition, the common belief that the fiancée must be only a vestal is not entirely truthful. Both partners should better have no sexual encounter before the wedding, so they should be innocent before the meeting. Meanwhile, it is considered correct and natural for young people to learn about satisfying sexual desires in conformity with the directions of Allah. The girl is believed to be ready for matrimony if she is 9 years old. However, matrimony with a dowager or a divorcee is perceived completely normal. Prophet Mohammed had a big age gap with his first spouse for whom this matrimony was already the second one. 

When choosing a partner, the families in which young people were raised play a big role. A future fiancée should choose a spouse who has a good education, and whose financial status is at least equal to her own one. The high welfare of the spouse is an assurance of marital certainty since the social status of the wife and kids is depend on the spouse. Having a lower quality of life, the wife may regret the marriage and feel frustration. In conformity with the Qur’an, the future fiancée must voluntary agree on matrimony, she cannot be forced, and both partners must marry for love. Of course, love before the wedding is only platonic in Islam. The person realizes their destiny and satisfies their sexual wishes and needs only in the matrimony.