Not acquiring knowledge only but remaining FOCUSed is the KEY

Ever wonder why can’t you remain FOCUS on the path of Allah?

On the other hand, did you notice how much you remain focus when you are on a journey? Do you know why?

Not only because you have to maintain timely appearance but because you have COLLECTED all the INFOrmation about ALL the events of the journey, therefore your mind carries the PICTURES of ALL the EVENTS of that journey at ANY point of TIME.

Then what about the journey towards Jannah? Do you have ALL the PICTURES of ALL the EVENTS in your mind ALL the TIME? How then you think you would be able to remain focus on JANNAH?

This is the site aims to give you that PICTURE about your journey towards Jannah. But don’t rush, you need to BE BACK several times and browse through ‘CATEGORY’ (Please scroll down and in the right sidebar find “MAPPING My JOURNEY to Jannat Al-Firdous In Shaa Allah”) to get all the PICTURES at any point of time so as to remain FOCUSed on the EVENTS and find where you STAND in YOUR Journey!

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