Mapping My Journey to Jannat Al-Firdous In Shaa Allah

It's amazing to concentrate on just ONE Ayah in a day, you will find what knowledge Allah stored for you, you will find what Islam you knew before was nothing, that's why Allah said whoever is not contemplating on his Ayah are deluded (Quran 51:9, 47:24). Allah, The absolute truth, said the truth.

My Deen Study-My Simple Approach

Reading and writing NOTES:
When:                           After Fajr prayer but BEFORE sunrise.
How much to Read?:      Just ONE Ayah.
Which Book:                  Word by Word Quran (pdf) or in PC 

What to Note and Why:   

I knew this “If you are not taking note, you are not learning”

What I THINK when I read an Ayah?

  • Is it a COMMAND (that I MUST have to do OBEY)?

  • Is it a PROHIBITION (that I MUST NOT do)? 

  • Is it a WARNING (that I must be CAREFULL of)

  • Is it a RECOMMENDED thing (that I try my BEST to do)?

  • Is it a NOT RECOMMENDED thing (that I try my BEST NOT to do)?

  • Is it a description of the QUALITIES or CHARACTER of the people of JANNAH (that I HAVE TO ACHIEVE)? (Mufliheen, Swoliheen, Swodikeen, Mohsineen etc)

  • Is it a description of QUALITIES or CHARACTER of the people of ZAHANNAM (that I MUST avoid)? (Zalimun, Khasirun etc.)

  • If the Ayah does not fall in any of the above question then
  • Is it an information or statement of Allah that gives me CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE?
  • What is the SUBJECT Allah talking about? (Allah HIMSELF, Rasulullah Sallillahu Alaihi WaSallam, Quran, Prophets, Angels Qiamah, Jannah, Zahannam, Human Being, shayateen, Creations (Bees, Ants) etc. (to gain CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE about Deen and Aqeedah)
  • Learn one NEW easy word everyday

In case you want to do the same, TIPS for you:

Make a separate Section in the folder for each Category such as Command, Prohibitions, Good thing to do, Bad thing to avoid and for all the subjects mentioned

You can use a hard file (if you prefer manual) or you use Microsoft One Note or Word to start noting.

If your intention is to obey and know Allah so that you can worship Allah better, then you will see what knowledge Allah bestow on you, InShaaAllah. On the contrary if you read Quran just for the sake of knowledge and knowing Quran, then you might get knowledge of Quran but you might not get benefit from that knowledge. Allah knows best. Make this dua always in every prayer.

KNowledge that DOESN'T BENEFIT

May Allah make it easy for you to learn Quran with the correct intention. Ameen.

If you like it than print this and give it to your child from 7 years of age to an old person who wants to inquiry into the Quran.

You can get this in word and pdf files in English and in Bangla from this link.


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