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85. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - MILITARY aspects (JIHAD), COMMAND to the Ameer:, COMMAND: 4;84 FIGHT Jihad and ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight Jihad, COMMAND: ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (JIHAD), ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (JIHAD), FIGHT for the cause of Allah, HOW Allah HELPS in JIHAD against KUFFAR?, HOW can you get HELP from Allah against KUFFAR?, What could EASE the FITNA from the KUFFARS?, When you ENCOURAGE Muslims to FIGHT Jihad

4:84 An-Nisa’. O Muslims! Did Allah not tell you how you can DEFEAT the KUFFAR? “FIGHT (Jihad) and ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (Jihad) so that Allah might RESTRAINT the Kuffars”

4:59 Obeying Ruler/Authority- Misconception Cleared, 75. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - GOVERNANCE, Legal and JUDICIAL aspects, 75.30. State Law, ACTIONS regarded of JAHILIYYA?, COMMAND: OBEYING Muslim Ruler is a MUST, as long as WITHIN Allah's LAW, NOT OBEYING the Muslim Ruler, even a little span, PROHIBITION: Do NOT DISOBEY a Muslim Ruler, even a little span (except in SINFUL orders)

4:59 An-Nisā’. OBEY (1) Allah (2) Rasulullah and (3) MUSLIM RULERS (Not KUFFAR’s) as long as WITHIN Allah’s LAW

4:60. Critical REASOING: OBEYING and being CONTENT with LAW of TAGHUT put you OUT of Islam, 4:60. shaitan will lead you astray (Jahannam) if you OBEY and content with the TAGHUT (men-made laws), 4:60. WARNING: Obeying and being content in Men-Made law (Taghut) put you OUT of ISLAM, LAW belongs ONLY to Allah, The UNSEEN Enemy: shaitan, ~ What are OTHER ILAHA?

4:60 shaitan GUIDES those who SEEK LAW (happily obey ‘the law of the land’) from TAGHUT {(those who ENFORCE Men-Made Law (other than Allah’s LAW)}