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55. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - SOCIAL aspects, COMMAND: Bida'a are commanded to FIGHT or SPEAK or HATE, INFO: Bida'a is a 'sunnah' of the believers, Muslims were OUT of ISLAM long back, On NO FAITH for not acting on BIDA'A, Those who change the Deen, Those who doesn't Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil, WARNING: NO FAITH equivalent to a mustard seed for NOT forbidding EVIL, Which Muslims are to be FOUGHT (Jihad)?, ~ Muslims in KUFFAR'S MINDSET

“There is NO FAITH even to the extent of a mustard seed” who doesn’t Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil (Bida’a and change of Deen)

01. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - EBADAH (Worship), = PROHIBITION: Following Ulema BLINDLY is OTHER ILAHA, Allah APPROVES WORSHIP, Basic CRITERIA for EBADAH (worship), COMMAND: WORSHIP AS the WAY Allah has instructed, Doing ebadah (worship) OTHER THAN what Allah revealed is from shaitan, Follow only Allah has REVEALED not your forefathers, WARNING: FOLLOWING WAY of forefathers leaving AUTHENTIC sources from Allah, WARNING: FOLLOWING WAYS of forefathers LEAVING authentic sources, Who will be the subject to SEVERE PUNISHMENT

31:21 FOLLOW only what Allah has sent, NOT your FOREFATHERS