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8:21-22. Critical Reasoning: HEARING means ACTING on it, that's the BASIC of being a MUSLIM, ARTICLE: There are those Human who are WORST of living CREATURES, COMMAND: OBEY Allah and Rasulullah, CRITICAL REASONING: 8:20-22. Know what makes a Muslim WORST than INSECT, KNOW what brings SHAME and REGRET being a Muslim, Not using SENSES, PROHIBITION: Do NOT TURN away after you HEAR the command

8:20-22 When you are WARNED/Reminded but you Say “I know but CAN’T help it” means, you still DISOBEY Allah and Rasulullah’s order and that’s what make you the WORST than INSECTS

01. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - EBADAH (Worship), = PROHIBITION: Following Ulema BLINDLY is OTHER ILAHA, Allah APPROVES WORSHIP, Basic CRITERIA for EBADAH (worship), COMMAND: WORSHIP AS the WAY Allah has instructed, Doing ebadah (worship) OTHER THAN what Allah revealed is from shaitan, Follow only Allah has REVEALED not your forefathers, WARNING: FOLLOWING WAY of forefathers leaving AUTHENTIC sources from Allah, WARNING: FOLLOWING WAYS of forefathers LEAVING authentic sources, Who will be the subject to SEVERE PUNISHMENT

31:21 FOLLOW only what Allah has sent, NOT your FOREFATHERS

Allah is blessed, Allah's ARGUMENTS (to the Kafirs), Allah, The Sovereign (About AUTHORITY), Ar-Rabb - The Creator, The Nourisher, The Sustainer, COMMAND belong to Allah, CREATION belong to Allah, Day & Night CAUSED by Allah, Isn't the Creation and Command belong to Allah?, On The translation of 'Rabb', Universe created in six days (periods), Universe is created in SIX PERIODS, Where is Allah?, Who cause (command) the Nature?, Who created/made the NATURE?, Who is your Rabb?

7:54 Allah is the RABB of the universe