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"বেশীরভাগ মানুষ কি ভুল করতে পারে?", (00) FOREMOST: REJECTING kuffar's WAYS, Philosophies and BUILDING Muslim-MINDSET, CORRECT your KUFFAR'S mindset. "What MOST people do is right", Allah says Most people are KUFFAR, JAHIL, ZALEEM, FASIQ, Ungrateful, Un-Categorised (Undecided)

O Muslims, CORRECT your KUFFAR’S mindset and leave FALSEHOOD. It is the “MOST people” that are Kuffar, Jaheel (Ignorant), Ungrateful, Zalimun (Unjust), Fasiqun (Disobedient) and in Falsehood

4:59 Obeying Ruler/Authority- Misconception Cleared, 75. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - GOVERNANCE, Legal and JUDICIAL aspects, 75.30. State Law, ACTIONS regarded of JAHILIYYA?, COMMAND: OBEYING Muslim Ruler is a MUST, as long as WITHIN Allah's LAW, NOT OBEYING the Muslim Ruler, even a little span, PROHIBITION: Do NOT DISOBEY a Muslim Ruler, even a little span (except in SINFUL orders)

4:59 An-Nisā’. OBEY (1) Allah (2) Rasulullah and (3) MUSLIM RULERS (Not KUFFAR’s) as long as WITHIN Allah’s LAW