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(00) FOREMOST 41: Understanding the TIME you live in, (00) FOREMOST: REJECTING kuffar's WAYS, Philosophies and BUILDING Muslim-MINDSET, 20. What are the DEEDS that causes a Muslim to enter JAHANNAM?/Which MUSLIMS go to FIRE?, 9:113. CORRECT your Kuffar's Mindset of "You can't Judge", Allah says MUMIN has the KNOWLEDGE Mushrikeen are in JAHANNAM, = PROHIBITION: Worshiping something along with Allah is OTHER ILAHA, INHABITANTS of Jahannam - Mushrikeen (Those who follow Scholars blindly, Worships their Desire, Worships Idols, Fire, Sun, Men etc.), My Understanding & Critical Reasoning, On Bangla Translation, On Muslims in Kuffar's Mind-Set, PROHIBITION: DO NOT ask for FORGIVENESS for KAFIR and MUSHREEK, That there are ENEMIES (KUFFAR) who set an ENVIRONMENT of KUFR, SHIRK and CORRUPTION to MANUPULATE your HEARTS and MINDS, Why ONLY following the TAFSIRS written untill 50 years back might NOT be ENOUGH to save you from JAHANNAM, ~ What are OTHER ILAHA?

9:113 At-Taubah. Mumin has the KNOWLEDGE that the MUSHRIKIN (dead) are for FIRE (O Muslim who are in Mind-Set of Kuffar, NOTE it)

Follow Rasulullah as a BEST EXAMPLE, He is a BEST EXAMPLE to FOLLOW, Make ZIKR (remember) of Allah a LOT, Muhammad Rasulullah-May Allah exalt his mention, on "What scares me", WARNING: Do you HOPE Allah's MERCY & FORGIVENESS? Make ZIKR of Allah ABOUNDANTLY, WARNING: Wish to HOPE in Allah's MERCY and FORGIVENESS? Follow Rasulullah as a BEST EXAMPLE, What to do to KEEP HOPE in Allah?

33:21 Al-Ahzab. If you WISH to keep HOPES in Allah then (1) FOLLOW Rasulullah as a BEST EXAMPLE (2) Make ZIKR (remember) of Allah a LOT