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"বেশীরভাগ মানুষ কি ভুল করতে পারে?", 40. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - EDUCATION, Islamic PHILOSOPHY about MAJORITY of the people, MOST of the people are ASTRAY, Most of the people are WORST THAN CATTLE, WARNING: Human but WORST than CATTLE, WARNING: NOT HEARing and THINKing would make you WORST than CATTLE, What Allah said about MOST of the PEOPLE?

25:44 Al-Furqān. Those who do NOT LISTEN and use INTELLECT are WORST than CATTLE

8:21-22. Critical Reasoning: HEARING means ACTING on it, that's the BASIC of being a MUSLIM, ARTICLE: There are those Human who are WORST of living CREATURES, COMMAND: OBEY Allah and Rasulullah, CRITICAL REASONING: 8:20-22. Know what makes a Muslim WORST than INSECT, KNOW what brings SHAME and REGRET being a Muslim, Not using SENSES, PROHIBITION: Do NOT TURN away after you HEAR the command

8:20-22 When you are WARNED/Reminded but you Say “I know but CAN’T help it” means, you still DISOBEY Allah and Rasulullah’s order and that’s what make you the WORST than INSECTS