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02.03. How to GET MERCY of Allah (By what actions?), 2:218 Make HIJRAH to land of Islam and fight JIHAD to earn Allah's MERCY, HIJRA (MIGRATION) to the LAND of Islam, RECOMMENDATION: Believe, Hijra (Migration to the LAND of Islam) and FIGHTING (Jihad), REWARD: Fighting (Jihad) will earn the MERCY from Allah, the Most Merciful, REWARD: Hijrah (migration) to the land of Islam will earn MERCY from Allah.

2:218 Do you EXPECT MERCY from Allah? (1) Make HIJRAH to the LAND of Islam (2) Fight (JIHAD)

Al Mu'min (The Believers), Al Mu'min (these believers) are Al Sadiqun (turthful), ARTICLE: Describing LIES about JIHAD, Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Ulema those are CALLING from the GATE of Jahannam (Hell), RECOGNITION: Mujahidun are the ONLY Believers, Those who Believe in Allah and Rasulullah, Those who fight JIHAD by their WEALTH and LIVES, Those who have NO DOUBT, Who are the ONLY Mu'min (Believers)?

49:15 Al-Hujurat. Know WHO are Al MU’MINUN (The Believers). ONLY those who do JIHAD with their WEALTH and LIVES and they are the TRUTHFUL

85. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - MILITARY aspects (JIHAD), COMMAND to the Ameer:, COMMAND: 4;84 FIGHT Jihad and ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight Jihad, COMMAND: ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (JIHAD), ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (JIHAD), FIGHT for the cause of Allah, HOW Allah HELPS in JIHAD against KUFFAR?, HOW can you get HELP from Allah against KUFFAR?, What could EASE the FITNA from the KUFFARS?, When you ENCOURAGE Muslims to FIGHT Jihad

4:84 An-Nisa’. O Muslims! Did Allah not tell you how you can DEFEAT the KUFFAR? “FIGHT (Jihad) and ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (Jihad) so that Allah might RESTRAINT the Kuffars”