Mapping My Journey to Jannat Al-Firdous In Shaa Allah

Did you ever wonder, "Why can't I remain FOCUS on the path of Allah?" On the other hand, did you notice how much you remain focus when you are on a journey? Do you know why? Not only because you have to maintain timely appearance but because you have COLLECTED all the INFOrmation about ALL the aspects of the journey, therefore your mind carries the PICTURES of ALL the EVENTS of that journey at ANY point of TIME. Then what about the journey towards Jannah? Do you have ALL the PICTURES of ALL the EVENTS in your mind ALL the TIME? How then you think you would be able to remain focus on JANNAH? This is the site aims to give you that PICTURE about your journey towards Jannah. But don't rush, you need to BE BACK several times which might help you to carry all the PICTURES at any point of time so as to remain FOCUSed on the EVENTS that would certainly take place throughout your journey!

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85. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - MILITARY aspects (JIHAD), COMMAND to the Ameer:, COMMAND: 4;84 FIGHT Jihad and ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight Jihad, COMMAND: ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (JIHAD), ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (JIHAD), FIGHT for the cause of Allah, HOW Allah HELPS in JIHAD against KUFFAR?, HOW can you get HELP from Allah against KUFFAR?, What could EASE the FITNA from the KUFFARS?, When you ENCOURAGE Muslims to FIGHT Jihad

4:84 An-Nisa’. O Muslims! Did Allah not tell you how you can DEFEAT the KUFFAR? “FIGHT (Jihad) and ENCOURAGE Muslims to fight (Jihad) so that Allah might RESTRAINT the Kuffars”

03.10. What are the DEEDS of a Muslim which regarded as KUFR?, 20. What are the DEEDS that causes a Muslim to enter JAHANNAM?, 55. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - SOCIAL aspects, DEALING with KUFFARS and their SYSTEMS, My Understanding & Critical Reasoning, On Establishing System of Allah, PROHIBITION: Do NOT OBEY Kuffars, WARNING! Following the SYSTEM of KUFFAR'S will turn you towards KUFR!

3:100 ‘Āli `Imrān. WARNING! Following the SYSTEM of KAFIR will turn you towards KUFR!