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"বেশীরভাগ মানুষ কি ভুল করতে পারে?", (00) FOREMOST: REJECTING kuffar's WAYS, Philosophies and BUILDING Muslim-MINDSET, CORRECT your KUFFAR'S mindset. "What MOST people do is right", Allah says Most people are KUFFAR, JAHIL, ZALEEM, FASIQ, Ungrateful, Un-Categorised (Undecided)

O Muslims, CORRECT your KUFFAR’S mindset and leave FALSEHOOD. It is the “MOST people” that are Kuffar, Jaheel (Ignorant), Ungrateful, Zalimun (Unjust), Fasiqun (Disobedient) and in Falsehood

"বেশীরভাগ মানুষ কি ভুল করতে পারে?", 40. Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDELINES for Daily Life - EDUCATION, Islamic PHILOSOPHY about MAJORITY of the people, MOST of the people are ASTRAY, Most of the people are WORST THAN CATTLE, WARNING: Human but WORST than CATTLE, WARNING: NOT HEARing and THINKing would make you WORST than CATTLE, What Allah said about MOST of the PEOPLE?

25:44 Al-Furqān. Those who do NOT LISTEN and use INTELLECT are WORST than CATTLE