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It's amazing to concentrate on just ONE Ayah in a day, you will find what knowledge Allah stored for you, you will find what Islam you knew before was nothing, that's why Allah said whoever is not contemplating on his Ayah are deluded (Quran 51:9, 47:24). Allah, The absolute truth, said the truth.

03. What are the DEEDS that causes a Muslim to enter JAHANNAM?, 03.01. Setting EQUALS with Allah (SHIRK), ASSOCIATING with Kafir and Mushrik's FESTIVALS, Dealing with KUFFARS and their SYSTEMS, Do NOT ASSOCIATE with the FESTIVALS of KUFFAR and Mushrik, DO NOT TAKE Jews and Christians as FRIEND or PROTECTOR or as allies, Is Allah NOT your RABB, O Muslim (Or MUSHRIK)!?, Islamic SYSTEMS & GUIDANCE for Daily Life - SOCIAL aspects, My Understanding & Critical Reasoning, On Associating with the FESTIVALS of Kuffar and Mushrik, Shirk, Mushrik, Acts of shirk, Why GREETING KAFIRS in their FESTIVAL is SHIRK?

60:4 Al-Mumtaĥanah. O Muslims, DISASSOCIATE anything with CHRISTMAS! Allah tells us to FOLLOW IBRAHEEM aws. What Ibraheem aws did? REJECTED Kuffar. REJECTED what they WORSHIP, their religious festivals!